Subscriptions stories

As it stands, when you throw down $10 for Hulu Plus, you get access to an expanded catalog as well as the ability to stream the service to devices other than your computer. Well, that offer must not be as enticing as the service hoped, because sources close to Hulu are saying that a price cut could be in the works. But is $5 still too much?
Right now, iTunes grants users the ability to download tracks and albums à la carte, though many of its competitors — including Microsoft's Zune Marketplace — give you access to all the music on the service for a subscription fee. Turns out, that may be something Apple is interested in as well.
If you charge someone for something they can get for free elsewhere, a lot of people won't pay. That's the simple reality of it. You pay for a newspaper, sure, but would you, say, subscribe to The Wall Street Journal online, when you could just read blogs? Rupert Murdoch tried to make that happen, but now everyone who isn't him hates it.
Rumor has it that Hulu could begin quietly testing out its fee-supported service, called Hulu Plus, as early as next week. (If all the various content partners can agree to a mutually beneficial plan, that is.) For a service that we all know and love as essentially free, ad-supported television, what's in it for us to start ponying up cash?