storage stories

Every time it seems like we're starting to run out of hard drive space, some genius comes along and invents a way to cram more data onto those spinning magnetic platters. But as far as we know, this is the first time that it's also involved making said platters even tastier than they already are.
There's a physical limit to the number of magnetic bits that you can stuff onto a given area on a traditional hard drive, and we're pretty close to it right now. For hard drives to get bigger without getting, you know, bigger, we're going to have to get creative, and one research team has done this by taking hard drives into the third dimension.
Video game consoles these days sure do end up cluttering your living room up. With four controllers, some fake instruments and any number of other peripherals, it ends up being a huge chore just keeping your space tidy. That's why I like the Level Up tower, which keeps all your gaming detritus nice and organized for you.