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The news of the death of Steve Jobs hit the tech world hard, but it may have hit fans of Apple products even harder. As the news trickled out across the globe, spanning various time zones, Apple lovers spontaneously began to congregate at Apple stores in a number of countries in an amazing display of respect for the visionary business leader.
When the MacBook Air first came out, it was quickly recognized as an impressive feat of engineering — it was the world's thinnest laptop to date — but why would you need one? That's a question Apple has been trying to figure out ever since. The company's answer today? The new MacBook Air "the future" of laptops, according to Steve Jobs. "We think all notebooks are going to be like this one day."
The iPad's 10-inch screen makes it almost as big as most laptops out there, and it's a size that a lot of competitors aren't going with for their own tablets. The sweet spot for hopeful rivals to the iPad seems to be seven inches, a screen size that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is calling "too small" to work for tablets.