stars stories

One of the slightly more bizarre things that Einstein predicted to go along with all of his relativity and whatnot was a phenomenon called gravitational waves, where waves of gravitational energy would propagate through the fabric of space itself. We've never managed to catch one in action, but astronomers have found new evidence that they exist.
An international team of astronomers has found evidence of a planet being eaten by its star, a fate which is presumed to be common for inner planets as their suns age and expand. Ha ha, sucks for that planet! Hey, wait a second, was that inner planets? That's us! We're an inner planet. Uh oh.
This star is named Camelopardalis (which used to be what people called giraffes), and it's up by the North Celestial Pole. You can't actually see the star itself (it takes up about one pixel in the center of the image), but you can see a giant ring of gas that the star has coughed out. If your body was full of soot and carbon monoxide, you'd be coughing too.