star wars stories

Building huge starships from the Star Wars universe with Lego seem to go hand-in-hand — not that we're complaining — and I0mede's 8-foot long Star Destroyer is no exception. It's a monster creation that uses 43,000 Lego pieces, weighs 180 pounds and faithfully replicates Erik Varszegi's Star Destroyer from back in 2005 — without any glue, steel frames or wooden structure support. You have to really see these pics to appreciate it — you'll be blown away. The dedication it takes to build something like this would completely overwhelm me.
Meet Lucasfilm Animation's new Sandcrawler offices. You may remember seeing it back in April when it was all just a blurry render. New details have trickled out and surprisingly, the office building with the 100-seat theater and state-of-the-art digital production facilities only looks like a Sandcrawler from one angle. Peak on throughout he other side, and it's a whole different story.