star wars stories

There's more to Admiral Ackbar than simply an uncanny sense for detecting traps. Much, much more. This 1983 behind the scenes special from Return of the Jedi features some outtakes of Ackbar singing about how ugly he is, as well as him saying "penetrate it" over and over. It's priceless.
Built as the centerpiece of a spectacular 10,000 square foot Honolulu mansion, the theater makes you feel like Han Solo in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Custom Home Systems out of San Diego made the theater with all of its electronics and speakers hidden from view, so all you see is the 107-inch screen and the amazing architectural details. There's even a pair of life-sized talking C-3PO and R2-D2, though I really hope this C-3PO isn't one of those droids that jabbers through the entire movie.
Ever notice just how ridiculously worthless the Star Wars stormtroopers are? I mean, for the fear-inspiring, rebel-slaughtering shock troops of the Galactic Empire, they sure do go down real easy when anybody shoots them — anywhere. So, what's the issue? Are they simply all hemophiliacs? Are they suicidal? I think it's more likely that the Empire, concerned with balancing the budget, has skimped on its troopers' armor. I'm pretty sure if we were to clothe the troopers in anything else — ANYTHING else — they'd probably do better out there. After all, how hard can it be to stop a little ray of light? Really effin' tough, actually. Last December, the U.S. Navy developed an injector capable of producing the electrons needed to generate megawatt-class laser beams. That's enough energy to power a Eurostar locomotive at top speed! So what's a casualty-weary empire to do? Let's put 10 different modern materials to the test.