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Friend of the site Rachel Linhart combines two awesome interests: geekery and baking. The result? A stunning cake such as the Death Star you see above, complete with a blinking LED light for where you'd normally find a planet-destroying laser. Pretty much the entire thing is edible, from the ball to the base, as well as the Millennium Falcon, the prowling Star Destroyer and the Star Wars signage. There's a sad end to this tale, however — but one fitting for the Empire's, erm, decidely combustible space station.
Out of all the characters in the Star Wars universe, R2-D2 has to be the only one that gets so much love. Custom Xbox 360s, projectors, headphones, swimsuits, smartphones — the list goes on. Motorized Lego replicas? Well, that's just a tribute of love. Peter "Ickelpete" Salter's Lego R2-D2 is more than meets the eye. You'd be forgiven for thinking Salter's 15.7-inch wide by 23.6-inch tall creation was just a plastic statue, but it actually moves. It has a retractable leg, lights up, makes authentic "beep-doop" sounds and has a head that rotates &#8212 just like in the movies. All it took was 18 months of hard work.
Once in a while, George Lucas and co. will release some really epic Star Wars gear, like these clothes by Adidas or that 3,000-brick Lego Star Destroyer. As long as the gear is proportionate in size to the epic-ness of Star Wars, it's welcome. Take this new book, Star Wars: The Blueprints. It's 35 pounds, has 500 original blueprints from the movies, from star ships to droids to architectural landscapes, The Blueprints has it all, so long as you have at least $500 to buy a copy.
Let's be honest and admit that most licensed movie products are complete junk. Even more so, is Star Wars merch. If there's anybody who knows how to milk a brand to oblivion, it's George Lucas. Strangely enough, this hair dryer based off of Darth Vader's mask is calling us from a galaxy far far away.
Usually when we see a Lego something this big, it's from a brick-crazed enthusiast who either has a ton of creativity, or a ton of coffee. This time around, it's an official Lego Star Wars playset, part of the company's Ultimate Collector Series, and it's being billed as the longest Lego creation the company has ever released.