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The original Enterprise-D bridge (the one that you enjoyed for all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation) was completely destroyed during the filming of Star Trek: Generations. The replacement bridge was later tossed into an alley by Paramount, but devoted fans have salvaged it and want to fix it up, with your help.
As a kid, I'd sit watching Star Trek and it would blow my tiny mind. From the phasers to the universal language translator I was fascinated by this imaginary future, not realizing I'd be living in a time when many of the things envisioned by Gene Roddenberry are close to coming true.
We previously explored how science fiction movies, books, games and more inspire the technology we use today. So, what about the future? What great inventions from science fiction are lurking around the corner? For example, what if you could ride around town in your very own landspeeder, or travel the world by simply standing on your very own teleporter pad and telling it where to send you? Here's a list of the top 10 most promising up and coming technological inventions inspired by the pages, scenes and sounds of science fiction.
The 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation is this month, and to celebrate, CBS is presenting a one night only theater screening of some of those newly remastered high definition episodes, along with a bunch of fun extras. Two episodes have been selected, both "fan favorites" from season one.
We're talking NCC-1701, a Constitution-class starship, more than 200 years ahead of schedule. A brilliant (we hope) engineer, identified only as "BTE Dan," has worked out not only how to build us the pinnacle of our geekiest Trek dreams, he has worked out how to pay for a space-worthy USS Enterprise, too.
Peter Jansen, a postdoc in a lab for "Engineering Non-Traditional Sensors" at the University of Arizona, has developed (from scratch) a perfectly functional Star Trek-style Tricorder. It's packed with sensors, displays and touchpads, and it even folds up. Plus, this is just version one: version two is much more slick.