speakers stories

Bow down and pray to the sounds of this floating Buddha — his base contains a pair of speakers. What gives the enlightened one his ethereal glow? In fact, the glow of all these speaker/sculptures from a company called TON (it's pronounced "tone," printed with a horizontal line over the "O" I can't reproduce here) is light reflected off 23-karat gold leaf.
This year's winners of the most ridiculously priced speakers is a tie: the four-way "absolute reference" Focal 3 Grande Utopia EM at $180,000 a pair, and the slightly more ostentatious KEF Muon (pictured above) at… drum roll, please, for the tote board change… $198,000 a pair!
If your home is decorated with a military theme (and whose isn't, really?), this speaker is for you. It's a set of speakers built into an ammo box, looking like it'd fit in perfectly in a Humvee outside Kabul. The...