SpaceX stories

An exact date has bounced around for the last couple of weeks, and NASA is finally giving SpaceX the go for a rendezvous between the company's Dragon capsule and the International Space Station. It's a landmark launch for SpaceX, and one that's poised to make history for the next generation of manned spacefaring efforts.
Within the next five years or so, you'll be able to buy a ticket to suborbital space for about $200,000. And that'll be fun, we're looking forward to it. SpaceX, a major player in the suborbital industry, is thinking about where else the company will be able to take people within the next few decades, and founder Elon Musk says Mars is a real possibility. And it'll be damn cheap.
Private spaceflight has been inching along for the last several years, but next month may be a major stepping stone for the industry: SpaceX's Dragon capsule is scheduled to launch on April 30 on an unmanned cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station, offering NASA (and anyone else) a significantly cheaper way to get to orbit.
The man who almost single-handedly made the environmentally-conscious electric vehicle sexy with the Tesla, is now hoping to do the same for space flight, but with a twist, reusable launch vehicles.