spaceship stories

We love this futuristic yacht concept by designer Hyun-Seok Kim. A winner of the 2011 "Dreamboat" Millennium Yacht Design Award, this baby has some features you don't get on just any old yacht — starting with its distinctly spaceship-esque quality. Take a peek at the gallery below for more shots of Hyun-Seok Kim's winning design.
There's a lot we still don't understand about the sun. In fact, for the most part we can only guess — though NASA wants to help our observations be more direct. The agency is announcing a new mission, Solar Probe Plus, which would send a spacecraft to the sun.
Boeing has announced its plans to produce a low-cost, high-occupancy passenger capsule called the Crew Space Transportation-100 (or CST-100) vehicle. It'll ride at the nose of rockets just like the capsule that came before it, and it could be ready by 2014.
Just think: in your lifetime, you may be able to pay a visit to space without having to be a NASA-trained astronaut. Admittedly, you may have to be a little rich. Our best hope for busting open the frontier of...