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We've known for a while now that there's water ice on Mars, and we've seen lots of tantalizing suggestions that liquid water may have once existed on the surface in huge rivers and oceans. Today, NASA announced that for the first time, they may have actually spotted some flowing, liquid water, and here are the pics to prove it.
This lovely shot of Vesta's three craters are nicknamed "Snowman"…and I'm sure you can see why. Located in the northern hemisphere of this large asteroid, NASA's Dawn spacecraft snapped Vesta on July 24 from about 3,200 miles away.
Take this impossibly gorgeous night sky and the alien huts below and you might mistake this for a movie set. But, this otherworldly scene is actually a site of historic significance…in Nevada:
Today, NASA announced the selection of the landing site for Curiosity, our newest and fanciest Mars rover. The robot will be heading to Gale crater, which scientists think might have been a giant lake, and where there was a giant Martian lake, there just might have been slightly less giant Martian fish.