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A few months ago we showed you the next generation spacesuit NASA has been working on called the Z-1. Back then, we only had a peek at the prototype suit, but new photos have now emerged that make it clear that someone at NASA has a sense of humor, because this suit is definitely inspired by Toy Story.
It's safe to say images of New York's subway system flooded with water from Hurricane Sandy's storm surge shocked everyone. With the tracks deep underwater days after the storm causing travel mayhem in the city, many have asked if this is something that could have been prevented? Hindsight is 20/20, but the truth is giant inflatable plugs actually have been in development and testing to prevent just such a flooding.
If astronauts are going back to the moon by 2020, they're going to need some fashionable new threads. Pictured here is a prototype of the most flexible space suit yet, featuring a modular configuration. The suits will use two different...