Space Shuttle stories

On Friday, the space shuttle Endeavour made one last flight aboard the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, flying from Edwards Air Force Base and making a tour of California before landing in Los Angeles en route to her final resting place at the California Science Center. DVICE was at NASA's Ames Research Center taking pictures of the flyby, and we've also picked out a few of our favorite images from elsewhere along Endeavour's journey.
After months of preparation, Space Shuttle Enterprise is ready at last for its public debut at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City. It all starts tomorrow, June 19, and we went over to get a sneak preview of the now decommissioned Enterprise. You already saw the glam shots of Enterprise flying into New York on the Boeing 747. Now, here's what it looks like retired and happy.
NASA's space shuttles are usually busy doing something cool for photographers. (Even in retirement, they know how to put on a show.) This picture, though, is cool in a very weird way: Space Shuttle Explorer crossing the Gulf of Mexico. Never heard of Explorer? We forgive you — it's a secret shuttle.
Imagine this food truck orbiting your office building at lunchtime, looking for a place to dock and to dispense rocket fuel. Our giggling could go on and on but let's bring this down to Earth: the owners of this fully functioning Space Shuttle food truck have put the vehicle on eBay and it can be yours for $150,000.