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With all those old Soviet-era military facilities lying empty in Russia, so many of them get repurposed into the type of facility that the old Politburo would never have approved of. This gigantic structure, called Bunker 42, lies about 200 feet under the downtown Moscow streets, and has been transformed into something that looks like it's equal parts Star Wars bar and spacecraft from the movie 2001.
While playing Centipede (don't judge) at my local mall in the '80s, it never occurred to me that somewhere behind the soon-to-fall Iron Curtain there would be some punk playing the Soviet version of arcade games as well. Hell yeah they were! Now, thanks to two nostalgic Muscovites who remembered their days of playing "Sea Battle," there is an entire museum full of these Soviet-era games. The story of the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines is so cool we couldn't make this up if we tried.
In today's world, Russia and America are allies and cooperate in space — in fact, two Russian astronauts performed a space walk Thursday to install a debris shield on the ISS — but the two countries used to be on opposite sides of the space race. Competition was fierce. Russia got a man up into orbit first; America made it to the moon before the Soviet Union. Here's one area where Soviet Russia may've had Cold War America definitively beat, though: amazing space propaganda art.