Sony stories

No, Sony didn't team up with Pop-Tarts to make an edible Vita. Instead, the teardown gurus over at iFixit put the Vita in a toaster oven and baked it for 10 long minutes at 200 °F for a very specific reason. Of course, I'd be a jerk if I didn't have that very specific reason handy — read on to find out why this Vita is getting baked.
The PS Vita is in a pickle right now — in Japan. For the second straight week since the new handheld launched, sales for the handheld have continued to fall. Is the PS Vita pulling a Nintendo 3DS, where slow sales, after an initial launch bonanza caused Nintendo to slash $80 off after about six months on the market?
Just a few months ago we showed you an amazing video demonstrating quantum levitation. Now a video on YouTube wants you to believe we are one step closer to flying toy cars, but you might want to look a bit closer.