Sony stories

The Internet has given us many great things, such as the ability to take fraud to entirely new levels. Well, the music industry isn't blind to this fact. YouTube recently discovered the big three, Universal, Sony/BMG and RCA, have been adding false video views to their particular artists' videos.
The PlayStation 2's massive success spawned an incredible library of games. Some of them were clear phenomena like Ratchet and Clank and the re-birthed Grand Theft Auto series, but others flew under the radar, only to explode into something special years later. Stories abound around the system that almost wholly defined a console generation, and we'll take a peek at some of the system's unique successes today.
The FlyVIZ headset may not make you stronger than a speeding bullet, or faster than a tall building, or able to leap locomotives in a single bound, but it will give you the superpower of being able to see all around you at once. What does this mean? You can dodge balls thrown at you from behind! Take that, evil Throwing-Balls-At-People-From-Behind Man!
This week the Tokyo Game Show is back, an event that usually offers at least a few unexpected treats in the way of gaming software and hardware. The first surprise comes from Sony with announcement of a smaller, lighter PlayStation 3.
Berlin, Germany — If at first you don't succeed... Well, you know how it goes. After Sony's initial lettered tablets and Xperia smartphone were met with nonchalance in the market a year ago, Sony here at the IFA electronics show bowed a newly-named Xperia Tablet S, three new Xperia smartphones (the T, V and J), a convertible laptop/tablet dubbed the VAIO Duo 11, and several other new AV and PC gadgets.
Sony's Tablet S is refreshing for two reasons: 1) it doesn't look like an iPad and 2) it has a unique asymmetric "curl" to one side that makes it feel like you're holding a folded magazine. What's more, Sony's mobile division has taken all of the feedback from last year's tablet and channeled them into creating the gorgeous Xperia Tablet S, a tablet it hopes will rule the living room.