Solar Power stories

Solar power solutions have become popular for their utility as back-up power generators, especially for camping and outdoor activities when an electrical outlet may be hours away. But such solutions don't always need to be dedicated solely to serious considerations of survival off the grid: snowboarders need power too.
Part of the reason that solar cells aren't on top of every roof everywhere harvesting energy is that they're expensive, and part of the reason that solar cells are expensive is because they're made with exotic elements like indium. How about, let's instead make them with one of the top five most common elements in the entire Universe: say hello to the all-carbon solar cell.
It seems the NFL can't keep the competition limited to the field, as various iconic stadiums have added solar and renewable energy installations as others rush to get on board. Renewable energy upgrades could power everything from decorative stadium lighting, general stadium power needs and even electric vehicle charging stations.
Tokelau, a small island nation, is officially becoming the first habited place on Earth to completely rely upon solar for its energy needs. Tokelau is a tiny group of coral islands that have up to now used diesel fuel for the daily needs of its roughly 1,400 residents. Within the next few weeks, the nation will make the historic switch to solar.