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In a couple of hours, Windows Phone 7 will make its big debut. Reviews of the preview build of the OS were generally favorable, but the technology is just the beginning. Cellphones are completely different beasts than they were when Microsoft first entered the mobile market 10 years ago. WP7 is challenged like other major smartphone OS has been. Here's why.
The feature that was originally supposed to keep the iPhone from winning in Japan--lack of an electronic wallet function common to most Japanese phones--proved to be meaningless in the end. Nevertheless, KDDI is hanging the fortunes of its new Sharp IS03 on the fact that it is the country's first smartphone with an electronic wallet feature.
The Internet has been alive with "reviews" of a developer's sample of a Samsung smartphone running Windows Mobile 7 (aka Windows Phone 7 or WinMob7 or WM7), Microsoft's latest mobile operating system. Most reports have generally been positive, but none of them will mean much in the real world filled with recession-afflicted consumers making delicate dollar-dispersement decisions. The answers to five questions will determine if WM7 will succeed or fail.
Motorola goes beyond the mere slider with Flipout, an Android 2.1 smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard that twirls out from underneath. Besides its good looks, its main innovation is its spruced-up Motoblur interface, letting you better aggregate social networking by resizing its windows and filtering stuff you don't need right away. Nice idea, making it easier to navigate its tiny, 2.8-inch square screen.