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HTC's tagline is "Quietly brilliant." In the last year, it's been anything but. With what felt like an endless release of similar smartphones with wild names, HTC's going into 2012 with a different mindset: simplify, refine and excel. The HTC One family is a trio of smartphones from high to low that represent the new HTC — a mobile company that is focusing more on the qualities in a smartphone that people care about most, instead of just pumping out smartphones every week. Read on to see if HTC's One X, S and V smartphones are worth considering.
If you've ever suffered from any kind of food poisoning you'd understandably see the genius in this little device. Engineers at UCLA have created a prototype scanner that attaches to your smartphone camera and checks out that great looking burger to make sure you're in the clear from E. coli.
Kieron-Scott Woodhouse's bamboo-hulled smartphone isn't destined for mass production and world acclaim. Instead, it'll see a smaller run, be sold in targeted markets and in boutiques where design is appreciated, and that'll probably be that. Even still, keen designers and smartphone makers would do well to peek at what Woodhouse is doing — his phone, the ADzero, is half the weight of an iPhone even with its larger screen.
Everyone knows that to lead a good protest you need a megaphone to fire up the group. To date however, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has been confounded in this practice by strict New York City laws requiring permits to amplify sound. Fortunately, crafty hackers seem to love OWS — and so the Inhuman Microphone app was born.