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When we first heard about Allsop's Clingo smartphone stands and mounts, we were hesitant to give it an in-depth look. After all, smartphone stands, grips, holders and mounts are about as common as an oxidized penny. What intrigued us the most were not the mounts, per se, but the actual Clingo grip itself. The "patent pending" sticky green goo is supposed to last for practically forever without losing its stickiness. A few hundred sticks later, including tons of smartphones and gadgets, but also including everything a blogger needs such as bananas, bottles of hand lotion (for that Carpal Tunnel) and a plethora of other weird stuff, we finally have a verdict. Is the Clingo as good Allsop says it is? Find out if Clingo is the only grippy mount you'll ever need for the rest of your life.
One in three Americans have waved goodbye to that old flip phone for an upgrade. And today, there are more options than ever for newbie smartphone subscribers. But which company is picking up the most shares? Check out the chart and prepare to be wowed by Android's steady rise to 38.1% of all U.S. smartphone owners.
Most smartphones can do many of the same things as a full function PC, but you're still going to want to transfer your files to an actual laptop or desktop when you need to do some real work. Not so with the Magic W3, which is really a tiny hand-held PC that just happens to also work as a phone.