smart tv stories

Television is one place where the forward motion of technology is consistently evident. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean all of that forward motion is always useful. Smart TVs, which connect to the Internet and come with a litany of various applications, are one place that things aren't quite panning out. Turns out, people don't want Facebook and other apps on their TVs.
If you've had a chance to use Google's voice search tool, then you already know why many feel that it beats the pants off Apple's highly-touted Siri software. Now Google has integrated Google TV functionality into its voice search tool, and the result looks like something from the future.
It's no secret that every major TV maker is racing to beat Apple to the punch on a voice-controlled TV. Samsung — the world leader in HDTVs — just showed off its brand new 2012 Smart TVs at its spring showcase in New York and we had a chance to experience its voice and gesture controls. Read on to find out if talking to your TV and waving your hand is more intuitive than using a remote control.