sleep stories

Sleeping is generally considered to be an absolute waste of time. It's a necessity, yes, but you can't actually do anything while asleep. A new study seems to show that it may be possible for humans to learn things while unconscious, potentially making sleep useful for once.
It's Monday morning, which means the glory days of the weekend are behind us, which means we're staring down the tunnel of another work week. What's the first thought on our mind? Reaching for that pillow again and hitting snooze. Alas.
Do you make a point of going to bed early so that you can get eight solid hours of uninterrupted sleep? Well, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Human sleep cycles were a lot different just a few hundred years ago, with waking up for a few hours in the middle of the night being the norm. We can likely blame technology for the change, and it may not be for the best.
The iPad, laptops and computers are compelling, making you stay awake longer than you normally would. But sleep researchers say their bright bluish backlights look a lot like broad daylight, and that might be fooling your body clock into thinking...