siri stories

You may have heard of Siri, that sultry vixen with the smooth voice who doesn't know where abortion clinics are but likes to curse out twelve-year-olds. Well, like most sultry vixens (trust me, I know like two… that I saw… on TV… once), she's not a fan of imitators, and even rival Google will ban a Siri knockoff and its developer from the Android Market.
Let's say you're a woman who finds herself in, as we used to say, a delicate condition — but, perhaps, she would rather not be in that delicate condition. Where's the first place you'd turn for advice? Your doctor? Your closest friend? Your parents? Your religious advisor? Planned Parenthood? No. Apparently, ACLU thinks the first place you'd turn for reproductive advice is — wait for it — Siri. But that's not the silliest part of this story.
Siri is one of the major selling points of the iPhone 4S. The voice-activated personal assistant isn't available on the iPhone 4, iPad 2, or any other Apple device, despite people hacking older devices to run it just fine. And that won't be changing anytime soon.