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iOS 6 is official. Not that we didn't already know about it. Apple's mobile OS is finally growing into its own shoes and the next software update hits Google where it hurts with the swapping of Google Maps for the company's own 3D mapping software, Facebook integration and new smarter Siri.
Consumers were left scratching their heads when Apple announced the new iPad would not have Siri. It made no sense considering the iPad has beefier specs than the iPhone 4S. Apparently, Apple's holding out on us to bring Siri to the new iPad alongside the next version of iOS.
The folks over at IBM are worried that Siri has the potential to leak corporate secrets to Apple. Why? Because everything you utter, from a basic calendar update to dictating an email outlining exactly how Watson's systems work, gets sent by Siri to a facility that analyzes the data and may keep it, too.
Siri can help you hide a body, make a child cry and now, if this video is to believed (which is, to say, it's not real), everybody's favorite digital assistant will also make sure your stolen phone can never be used to hurt you. In fact, it will never be used again! Here, have an evil laugh.
At what point will we be able to casually chat with our gadgets like the crew of the USS Enterprise does with its computer on Star Trek, or like Dave Bowman and Frank Poole do in 2001 before HAL went violently bonkers? We're taking baby steps toward normalized machine-human relations with Apple's Siri, Ford's Sync, the ivee clock radio, Samsung's voice-controlled HDTVs and IBM's "Jeopardy"-champion Watson. Perhaps a further step will be taken by the long-rumored Siri-controlled Apple HDTV later this year. But we're still a long way from considering colloquies with our appliances as normal as bar codes, Wi-Fi and touchscreens. The question is, just how long of a way? And just how conversational do we want our gadgets to become before paranoiac imaginings of malevolent self-awareness develop?
Sure, a lot of people joke about the iPhone 4S virtual assistant — maybe she's a little too bossy, or frustrating, even a little too helpful. She's been the center of many an Internet meme poking fun at her presence in our lives. But now, thanks to a group of various artists Siri has a face and we might look at her in a whole new light.