SETI stories

Remember a while back when we wrote about the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence's (SETI) Allen Telescope Array (ATA) was shut down due to lack of funding? It seems the government wasn't keen on supporting the search for our interstellar neighbors, so SETI turned to you for help. Guess what guys…we did it! The Allen Array is back in business!
Not too long ago it was feared that the SETI project's Allen Telescope Array, which is made up of 42 networked radio telescopes, was destined to switch off forever. While the array is currently down, it's scheduled to be reactivated — and soon.
The future wasn't looking bright for the SETI Institute, which announced the shutting off of its 42-telescope-strong array tasked with listening for alien life in the vastness of space. Who needs to peer into space, anyway? We'll know when we discover extraterrestrial life — y'know, when E.T. comes a-knockin' with his fancy space weapons.