security stories

U-locks are ok, and monster chains are a bit better but we all know thieves can be crafty when picking a lock, no matter what the size. What if there was an easy way to prevent your bike from being usable should someone tinker with your lock? That's exactly the idea behind bike pedals that also serve as your bike lock.
BitTorrent has a reputation for only being useful for stealing media from impoverished conglomerates, but at its heart, the file sharing protocol is about the free exchange of information. Researchers at Delft University of Technology are getting ready to release a BitTorrent client called Tribler that adds decentralized anonymity into the mix, for free.
It's comforting to know that when the apocalypse does happen, we can repopulate the Earth from the survivors tucked safely away in their luxury condos deep inside a retired missile silo in Kansas. Interest in the "Survival Condo" has been so high that all units in this unique complex 174 feet deep in the Earth have sold out at cost of a cool $2 million apiece.
Trust me, all of your neighbors have already figured out that the password to your Wi-Fi network is the name of your cat, and they're busy pirating movies and software and when the MPAA breaks down the door you're the one who's going to a labor camp in Siberia. Don't let this happen to you, install wallpaper that keeps your Wi-Fi contained.