security stories

In this age of laptops and tablets and smartphones, there's a good chance a lot of folks wouldn't know where to stick something like NZXT's USB Bunker. Ten years ago, though, I would have loved something like this when I went to a LAN party where I didn't know everyone.
Baby powder on the floor, a whoopee cushion in the fire place, knock-out drugs in the cookies — tricky ol' Saint Nick has seen it all. None of it comes close to showing that the most elusive delivery man ever has made his rounds. Well, this year, something just might: the Santa Claus Detector by Thomas Cane. It's even been awarded a patent!
Apple's iPad ain't cheap, especially if you went for a 3G model with a sizable hard drive. So you want to keep it nice and protected, right? Well, if you like iPad security and you also like puns, you'll love the iPadLock.
Avast is a popular anti-virus program that you can download and use entirely for free, with the company hoping that you'll like their product enough to buy a full license. Despite the try-it-forever price of $0, people still pirate the full version, and rather than freaking out about this, the company decided to just watch what happened as one particular license key got stolen like crazy.
We're used to thinking about eyes and fingerprints getting scanned when a character in a movie goes into a high-tech facility. Well, what if they had their ears scanned, too? Turns out it's a pretty accurate way to tell people apart — like 99.6% accurate.