security stories

If you're a chronic misplacer of small items — or, Fek'lhr forbid, larger ones, too — then you've got some options, including keyrings that light up or make noise. Want a more robust option? The Cobra Tag uses Bluetooth, GPS and an app to form a little smartphone-and-key support network.
In the future, if you're trapped underneath rubble awaiting help, the first thing you see may not be a rescue dog or a heroic fireman, it may very well turn out to be a sinister-looking, giant worm squirming through the cracks to save your life. But wait, it's not as bad as it seems.
Your conventional ATM really isn't that concerned with who you are. It just wants a card and a PIN number, and if those two things line up it won't ask questions. Let the humans sort it out, right? Well, no longer — Russia, land of bomb-proof toilets, is looking to put out a smarter, somewhat scary auto-teller that really does grill you for answers.