security stories

Puzzle and security freaks will love the new Crypteks physically lockable USB device. The USB storage is located inside a housing with five rings on the outside, each set with the 26 letters of the alphabet. Twist to your code and you've unlocked your USB. With 26 letters and five rings, you'll have whopping 14,348,907 possible passwords. Now that's security!
Earlier this year the world was introduced to Britain's "hoodies" who looted their cities wearing the head coverings to avoid the country's ubiquitous CCD surveillance cameras. But if they had just contacted a certain professor, they might have simply used a lovely modded parasol to conceal their mischief.
If you're a chronic misplacer of small items — or, Fek'lhr forbid, larger ones, too — then you've got some options, including keyrings that light up or make noise. Want a more robust option? The Cobra Tag uses Bluetooth, GPS and an app to form a little smartphone-and-key support network.