sculpture stories

As any beachgoer will tell you, coming across a fish washed up on the beach isn't pleasant. Nor is finding discarded plastic bottles junking up the environment. This massive fish sculpture, painstakingly made from used plastic bottles, is just the opposite. These fish you definitely want to see.
This massive bench now on display at the Industry Gallery in Washington, D.C. stretches over the warehouse space like an oversized coiled snake. Incredibly, the sculpture — called "Spun" — weighs just under ten pounds thanks to a unique carbon fiber construction process.
Now that the CD-ROM has pretty much gone the way of the floppy disc, what are we supposed to do with all of those old AOL CDs we saved just in case we suddenly found a need for 1000 free hours online? Australian artist Sean E Avery has found a solution, chopping up the discs and turning them into whimsical animal sculptures.
Heatherwick Studios designed 'Sitooterie II' as a permanent structure for the National Malus Collection in Essex, UK. Over 5,000 hollow aluminum tubes were used to create this mutant porcupine sculpture. At night each tube acts like a window for the light source in the center, giving the entire thing that otherworldly glow.