science stories

Say hello to the creepiest vehicle ever constructed: the Ratcar. The Ratcar, created by the mad scientists at the University of Tokyo, consists of a small wheeled vehicle that's plugged directly into a rat's brain. The rat can then control where it goes using only their thoughts. Yikes.
If you're an astronomy buff, you know about the Pioneer anomaly: that two NASA space probes have been drifting slightly off course for decades in a way that goes against everything we know about how gravity works. Now we may finally have the answer, and it's a doozy: a brand new fundamental force.
The incredible photo above is of the fireball produced by an atomic bomb. Those specs on the ground beneath it are tanks, jeeps and other test vehicles that will be destroyed in a matter of milliseconds. Right below the fireball, a shockwave bouncing off the desert floor and about to merge with the fire is visible.
A cryonics lab in Russia — the first of its kind outside of the United States — is guaranteeing the most coveted promise of all: immortality. It's not even ridiculously expensive. $10,000 to put your brain on ice, or $30,000 for your whole body. But can it really work?