science! stories

Sign language is a versatile tool for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. But the more specific and technical words and phrases become, the more complicated it can be for the language to keep pace. To fix this, students and educators are getting together and wikifying the process of creating brand new signs for science.
Gold is more than a metal. It's a symbol, the physical incarnation of value and wealth and luxury, and this has been the case for thousands of years. This is partly because gold can be readily found and is easy to work, but also because of the appeal of the color and shine. So what's going to happen now that gold can be made into any color? Anarchy, that's what.
You've got to give it to those boffins over on that island of theirs: despite the funny way they talk, they're damn clever. A British company called Air Fuel Synthesis has apparently (apparently) developed a system that harvests carbon dioxide and water vapor straight out of the air and turns it into gasoline that you can put straight into your car. Um, wow.
Every year, Science and AAAS team up to sponsor a contest inviting PhD students from around the world to explain their theses through dance. This year's winner was a four minute performance on the evolution of nanostructural architecture in 7000 series aluminium alloys during strengthening by age-hardening and severe plastic deformation. Jazz hands!
Geologists will try and tell you that it's easier to explore the moon and Mars than it is to explore the Earth's mantle. As a geologist myself, I think they're full of it, but they do have a point that we don't know a whole heck of a lot about what's going on beneath our feet. To find out, an international team wants to drill into Earth's mantle, 3.7 miles below the ocean.
Neurons are, obviously, pretty important to, you know, brain functioning. They're also neurons (aka pretty small), so we've never had the pleasure of actually watching the transportation of individual proteins throughout a cell's structure. Obviously, this is something you're all extremely concerned with, so rejoice. Now, we can.