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DigitalGlobe owns three satellites with big cameras on them, which together have imaged nearly 2.8 billion square kilometers of Earth's surface. You probably don't care about 2.7999 billion of those square kilometers, but that's cool, because DigitalGlobe has picked out the 20 very best little patches of our planet for 2012.
Back in October, we posted about a program DARPA has been working on to rip apart dead satellites and harvest their organs to make new(er) satellites. It seemed more than a little crazy, but the program is now moving forward, with DARPA holding industry conferences and putting down millions of dollars on the idea.
Microsoft's Kinect sensor is one way to give all kinds of amazing capabilities to hardware platforms (like robots) easily and for cheap. Another industry that could benefit from a big injection of "easily" and "for cheap" is commercial spaceflight, and an upcoming test of Kinect-enabled satellites could help make it happen.