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I don't know about you, but I've been fantasizing about a Surface table ever since I got my first demo back at CES 2008. It's only really been for sale for businesses and stuff, but Samsung is now officially selling their own version of Microsoft's slick multi-touch interface.
CES starts next week, and already the hype machine has been turned to 11. Earlier this week, LG proudly announced it be showing off at its booth "the future of TV technology," "the world's largest OLED HDTV" at CES. Uh-huh. And Karolina Kurkova has promised me a date.
Having launched its incredibly popular Galaxy S II to a legion of big-screen-loving consumers in the U.S. this past summer, Samsung has its eye set on making a successor for 2012. The Galaxy S III is rumored to sport more power than the Galaxy Nexus and a 3D screen.
Samsung must be crazy because it's apparently in talks with Google to produce HDTVs with Google TV baked in. Yep, that Google TV. The one that's only been supported by Sony and Logitech and blocked by major networks everywhere. Talk about jumping on a grenade that's about to detonate!