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Google's flagship Nexus One phone was a pretty important smartphone. It was the first official Google phone that the search-engine company completely endorsed and sold on its online store (now defunct). The folks at Gizmodo who accurately leaked the iPhone 4 are claiming that the Nexus Two is real.
No one wants to wear 3D glasses. The industry knows this, and Nintendo has only made the point more prominent with the universal excitement for its 3DS in the face of hesitation for 3D in general. Early adopters will scoop up the glasses-required sets, but when can you and I expect to enjoy some three-dee?
Between your average utilitarian cellphone and the smartphone, there's a niche market that caters to a younger, social networking crowd. That niche is blowing up right now, spearheaded by the likes of Microsoft's Kin. T-Mobile and Samsung are dropping three more of these phones on consumers: Gravity 3, Gravity T and one simply called the :).