safety stories

Electric cars have a lot going for them, but pedestrians sometimes fear them for their lack of noise. If you're crossing the street, and an EV is coming at you, chances are you won't hear it coming. Automakers have responded by installing noisemakers (some incredibly cool), including Toyota, which just unveiled one for its popular Prius. One problem: it's optional.
We all love those silent hand/finger gestures Special Ops teams use in the movies when they're about to attack. Now a pair of high-tech gloves gives firefighters the same kind of cool hand-speak in the service of saving lives.
If you're a fan of activities that you need to wear a helmet for, you know there are two major problems that can arise from a crash: you break the helmet or you hurt your head. Both can be harder to tell than you'd think. This "Smart Helmet," at least, will know if you're injured.
If there's one thing we don't need more of on the road right now, it's distractions. Yet a group in San Francisco is looking into the possibility of slapping digital license plates on cars. Rather than simply display your plate number on a sweet, scrolling marquee, the plates would display ads. Ads for other drivers to read.