safety stories

You know all those sexy concept cars that we post about but you'll never be able to buy? Part of the reason that you can't buy them is that many of the sexiest are horrendously unsafe. Putting airbags in the roof instead of the dashboard could free up space for slimmer lines and more gadgetry without killing you in the process.
Designer Ho-Tzu Cheng has an interesting — if a little high-tech — solution to eliminate the blind spots in cars. A lot of modern vehicles have a rear-facing camera so you can see what's behind you. Cheng wants to expand that to cover the sides, too, and put it right where you can plainly see it: the top of your windshield.
Falling asleep while at the helm of a few tons of metal and plastic going 60 miles-per-hour doesn't end well, but there's little the modern car can do about it. If it, say, stopped itself suddenly it could become a hazard to other drivers. The Eyetracker system knows it's not on the car, though — it's on you to drive safe.