safety stories

By now, most Americans are familiar with devices known as a flight data recorders, commonly called 'black boxes.' They record an airplane's functions and signal transmissions in case of an accident. This has proved to be a good idea, and the government wants to mandate the installation of the same kind of technology in cars, in just a few years.
Knowing how to keep kids safe is never easy. Ideally, you'd want to provide as much realistic safety as possible without being disruptive or invasive, but that can be a hard compromise. This backpack may not be a compromise at all: it comes with princesses or Avengers on it and will also stop rounds from a .44 Magnum.
In recent months, the issue of using mobile devices during airplane flights and how such usage may (or may not) impact safety has become a topic of debate. Now it's been revealed that the head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is calling on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to relax its rules regarding mobile device use during flights.
It's pretty much an accepted fact that parents are going to worry about their kids getting to the bus stop safely until they reach a certain independent age. It used to be this meant Mom or Dad walking embarrassingly close by. Those dark days are gone with the breakthrough from one high-tech Dad who rigged up a quadcopter to follow and monitor his son's progress.
With more people choosing to ride bikes for their commute, more and more safety features for cyclists are hitting the streets as well. The latest device that has surfaced is created with powerful LED lights and two red lasers to create a highly visible instant bike lane, alerting motorists on how to safely navigate around them.