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In possibly his most glorious bit of "here's how you do it" video to date, serial DIY'er Ben Krasnow takes us through what it looks like inside a rocket during its burn. The hybrid rocket engine is built with acrylic to give us a view of the gaseous oxygen letting it rip.
Satellites, like the people who make them, come in all shapes and sizes. Their parts do as well. And while some thrusters are large and impressive, some satellites need smaller ones. So Paulo Lozano at MIT decided to build a rocket thruster the size of a penny.
Elon Musk, who helped launch PayPal, Tesla Motors and most recently SpaceX, is pretty dang serious about getting our asses to Mars. Before Curiosity, colonies on Mars were knocked back to the 2030s — or beyond, even. Now? We may only have to wait "12 to 15 years."