robot stories

Brain surgery continues to make great strides in terms of safety and efficacy, but the delicacy involved requires a skill and precision that makes the practice a risky procedure. In the hopes of reducing some of that risk, a research group has developed a brain surgery robot.
Anyone with a green thumb will tell you that plants need both water and light to grow, but finding a nice sunny spot in most homes can be tricky. Belgian sculptor Stephen Verstraete has come up with the perfect solution, by putting his houseplants on robotic carts that automatically seek out the sun as it moves around the house.
Ah, the sights and smells of spring: new life blooming, baby animals being born (at least according to Animal Planet), the beginning of baseball — if it weren't for all that frustrating egg-dying we have to do, it's be just lovely. Well, Egg-Bot's here to save the day! This little robot will dye and decorate all your Easter and holiday eggs for you.