RFID stories

"Smarter Socks" is a system so detailed it will empower your socks to virtually organize themselves by tracking and recording their activity through RFID chips, a scanner and an iPhone app. Why? Because lost socks is serious business as countless hours could be lost trying to find that straggler or match up look-a-likes.
As RFID technology continues to permeate nearly every faucet of how we pay for things, a subculture of hacking the platform has emerged and given rise to a number of interesting dynamics. A popular trend in the UK revolves around hacking into the country's transit system smart card and making wearable access devices with the RFID chips.
Keeping track of everything we eat would be a great idea, and I'm sure we'd learn all kinds of things we don't really want to know about our diet and overall health. Until now it's been a major hassle to do this, but tiny digestible RFID tags could automate the entire process for every single piece of food that we consume.