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London has been a bit of a mess the past few days, as roving band of rioters have been looting and setting fires across multiple neighborhoods. As the Metropolitan Police tries to get things under control, the Liverpool Apple Store has taken the precaution of removing everything from its shelves.
We've all heard this story: retail is drowning and online sales are booming. Shoppers are voting with their wallets, going online for savings, interactivity and convenience. At the same time, rising rent costs are forcing retail stores to pack up and go digital or risk staying in business and staying relevant. Shopping online just offers more options that retail can't stock. It's only a matter of time before the digital and physical shopping experiences clash in a big way, and Intel's already trying to figure out how that's going to look. Read on for three ways on how Intel and its partners plan to save (or at least stave off the destruction of) retail.