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Here's a curious new business deal: Google has just purchased Zagat, the well-known restaurant guide company. They'll be integrating Zagat's reviews in search results and Google Maps.
If you've ever wanted to enjoy fine dining atop mountains and monuments of note, you're in luck. Swedish appliance maker Electrolux has commissioned Italian architecture firm Park Associati to design a portable restaurant on top of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels. From there, it will travel to other well known spots in Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden with world class chefs cooking away on, you guessed it…Electrolux appliances.
Lapassarad Thanaphant, owner of the Hajime restaurant in Thailand, chose an odd waitstaff for her just-opened Japanese-themed eatery: robots. The robots work to deliver and clear food that customers order via a touchscreen — similar to Baggers in Germany, which...