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The Fifth Element's Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg is not a nice man, but he sure knows how to design one hell of a sci-fi gun. His ZF-1 rifle — which is a machine gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher and so much more — has inspired its own following of admirers, including Adam Savage of the MythBusters.
Harrison "Volpin" Krix has got the skills to pay the bills. We've highlighted quite a lot of his work here: a beautiful Portal gun from Valve's Portal series, a Daft Punk helmet that'll have you jealous for days all over again, and another sci-fi game gun, a laser rifle from Fallout 3. Let us dilly dally no longer — a gallery awaits!
We're used to seeing great replicas of Star Wars ships, but we've never laid our eyes on a life-size recreation of a TIE Interceptor. Yet, here it is, large and in charge on the floor at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando. See another angle in the video below.