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Tuesday brought a ton of news with it. Outside of the Presidential election and the return of the Master Chief, Puerto Rico (non-bindingly) voted to become the 51st State in the Union. While Puerto Rico's ascension to statehood isn't guaranteed, Reddit has been buzzing with flag designs to welcome the 51st star.
We've seen some creative DIY projects over time, but this one could be moving to the top of the MacGyver leaderboard. Discovered by a Reddit exchange over some amazing space photos, it turns out the photos weren't taken by some mountaintop observatory, but rather by a regular guy, with a not-so-regular telescope worth $20,000 he built in his back yard.
Engineers and staff from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, including plenty of the folks responsible for landing the Curiosity rover safely on Mars, took to Reddit to answer any and all questions about the Mars Science Laboratory mission. Well, they tried to answer — the session exploded and right now has over 7,000 comments. Here, we've collected 10 questions and answers we felt stand out from the bunch. The questions from Redditors and answers from the team at JPL are presented unedited.
Have you checked out the military's own versions of Facebook or YouTube or Wikipedia recently? No? That's probably because they're heavily censored and restricted, which is just what you want with social and crowdsourced media, and this is why the Pentagon now wants its own version of Reddit, called Eureka. Makes sense, right? ...Right?