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About one year ago, our very own Eileen Marable wrote about a quartet of robots, Wave Gliders, that were attempting to cross the Pacific Ocean. One pair was headed to Japan, and the other was looking to vacation in Australia. Of the four, one finally reached its destination. Papa Mau made it to Australia.
In the early 1880s, recording sound was a brand new thing. It was so brand new that people like Alexander Graham Bell and his buddies were still experimentin' with the best way to make it work. The Smithsonian has some of these trial-and-error recordings, and using 3D optical scanners, they've been able to play them back for the first time in over a century.
The Legno Turntable, made of bamboo and steel, is one of the hottest record players we've ever seen. It had better be, since it costs $13,240. Made by German-based company Montegiro, the design isn't just elegant — the wood...