record breakers stories

Come 2014, the world's tallest building — the Ghost Protocol-famous Burj Khalifa — will no longer be able to also claim that it has the world's fastest elevators. That honor will go to the Shanghai Tower in China, which will stand 2,073 feet with 128 floors, and have bullet-shaped elevators built by Mitsubishi that zip around as fast as cars.
A team of engineers at the University of Southampton in the U.K. have created what's being called the world's first 3D printed airplane. While 3D printing has been eyed to make airplane components (among other things), cranking out an entire, working craft is definitely something new — and something that could be promising in the growing world of unmanned aerial vehicles.
Two Germans — engineer Stefan Simmerer and TV host Dirk Gion — recently set out on an epic 18-day road trip that saw them traveling over 3,000 miles across Australia. The coolest part? They did it in a vehicle powered only by a kite and wind turbine and broke three world records in the process.