Razer stories

There's a certain finesse to designing PC gaming equipment. Whether it's the neon glow from all the LED lights, chunky weight or boxy frame — you can immediately tell when a desktop rig or laptop is built specifically for gaming. Razer's beastly Blade takes all the Alienwares, Maingears and XPS laptops out there and raises the bar, not just in terms of raw power, but with features like 10 adaptive and programmable keypad buttons (a design carried over from the Switchblade) and a multitouch LCD trackpad that doubles as an separate screen. Borrowing a page from Apple's minimalistic MacBook Pro laptops, Razer's managed to make an all matte 17.3-inch laptop with a 1080p resolution that combines gorgeous design, portability and uber power in a chassis less than one inch thick and weighs under seven pounds. Who said PC gaming was dead?
When you think of a hardcore PC gaming machine — even a portable one — a 7-inch device doesn't really come to mind, ever. Razer, makers of some of the coolest gaming accessories on the planet showed off the Switchblade, a prototype device with a 7-inch multitouch screen that can handle anything your Alienware tower can.
If you're a hardcore PC gamer, you know that you can't just use a normal keyboard and mouse if you really want to go to town on all those N00bs out there. No, you need some special equipment. And there isn't much equipment more special than the Razer Nostromo.
No more worrying about such trivialities as "exercise" and "food" with Razer Venom, the scientifically proven elixir that will turn you into a gaming god. The stuff is laced with oxymialterxin and doctixilin, certain to "keep your body nourished and...