radiation stories

The Earth is surrounded by a donut-shaped zone of energetic charged particles called the Van Allen radiation belt. Depending on who you ask, this region is either Earth's magnetic field trapping particles from the solar wind, or a secret government project intended to protect us from aliens. NASA's sending up some armored tentacle probes to learn more.
It's been nine months after the tsunami and earthquake destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and still no one knows how bad the radioactive contamination is. Radiation levels are expected to still be off the charts, and scientists at Fukushima University are planning to use wild monkeys to find out via specially outfitted collars.
The Chernobyl #4 reactor has been sort of contained by a leaky and unstable "sarcophagus" since shortly after its meltdown 25 years ago today. As a more permanent solution to the problem, an international effort will place a gigantic steel arch over the site to seal it off, with three robot cranes inside to help clean up the mess.